The history

The history of the company began in 1972 when Grandma Rita, after over 20 years of experience in the trade and bakery industry, finds a small grocery store at the Spiaggia quarter. For decades, Grandma Rita and the family dedicate themselves with passion and competence to grow the activity that in the 70s is detected by her daughter Linda.

After a restyling, the grocery store becomes a food specialities store that stands out for the quality and quantity of the goods, cleanliness, kindness and cordiality in the service.

In 1997 the company became Grappolo Blu, managed by Salvatore, Linda’s son in law, which continues today with the same philosophy of quality and cordiality at that time. 

From a grocery store of a time, today is a landmark in the city and offers a wide range of cheeses, cured meats and ham. Thanks to Salvatore's passion for wines it has been expanded by small grocery store to a very large wine shop that proposes wines and sparkling wines all over the national territory, liqueurs and distilled wines as well as a rich selection of champagne and French wines.