Wines, distilled wines , cured meats, cheeses and ... so many passion!

The wine shop and delicatessen Grappolo Blu is a landmark for C/mare di Stabia and neighboring areas for those who want to taste local and regional specialties of cured meats, cheeses and wines, thanks to passion, genuineness of raw materials and attention to customers.

Wine Shop

The wine shop offers Italian wines and sparkling wines as well as a rich selection of French wines and champagne. It also has a wide choice of distillated wines: grappa, whiskey, rum, armagnac and liqueurs.

Food specialties

Grappolo blu offers the best regional gastronomic products and not only. Typical cured meats, cheeses, pasta, vinegars, jams, sauces, oil are just a few examples of the wide range of products.



Happy Easter!

Pepe, Nonna Rosa, De Vivo and the BRIA Colomba di Bonci. 

Lindt and Venchi eggs. 

We prepare baskets and gift boxes with our food and wine products..